10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Corgis That Would Have You Drooling

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Welsh Corgis are cute, smart and compact. Their origin is Wales. There are two breed types of corgis; Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Pembroke Corgi has earned its popularity due to the fact that the Queen Elizabeth II has preferred to own them. She owns more than 30 dogs and Pembroke corgis are found among them.

Welsh corgis are known for their water-resistant coats that shed on an average twice a year. They are furry and small and have hearts of gold. What more could a dog owner ask for?

Corgis have been ranked as the 11thsmartest dog breed by a psychology professor Stanley Coren. They may look compact and cute but Corgis are known as the most athletic breed. This is because they were originally herders. They are also fast runners.

The name Corgi originated from a Welshmen who called them “dwarf dog” as per their stature. “Cor” in Welsh means dwarf and “gi” means dog.

Corgis are one of the most loyal dog breeds. In early Welsh settlements, there were laws established for people who would steal these logs of fur. Thieves were severely penalized for putting their hands on these beautiful creatures.

Many corgis are born without tails. Especially, Pembroke corgis have evolved over the years to be tailless. They have double coats that keep them warm in winters and in summers they shed their undercoats. Isn’t this interesting? Corgis have a weather protection. Their undercoat sheds twice a year, in fall and spring.

There is an interesting myth about this dwarf breed that is, Corgis were employed by the fairy kingdom. The folklore suggests that the fairies would use them as mounts and would ride herds on them. Imagine a fairy coach being driven by a team of corgis.

Corgis are known to have an ancestry with the Siberian husky. They have less in common with dogs of their size but more in common with these canine breeds.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A Pembroke Welsh corgi is an intelligent dog breed. It is usually bred to herd cattle, sheep and horses. They are considered to be very friendly with children and other pets around them. Pembroke Corgis come in a variety of coat colors and markings.What differentiates it from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is it docked tail. Its feet are oval and its front feet are turned slightly inwards.

Pembroke Corgis are more affectionate as compared to the Cardigan Corgis and have a better temperament. People tend to choose a Pembroke over a Cardigan, while looking for a companion.

A Pembroke Corgi is at a risk of having intervertebral disc disease and epilepsy. Also, a Pembroke is more prone to kidney and urethral problems than the Cardigan corgi.  However, these health problems can be avoided by choosing a reputable breeder for your puppies.

Among both the breeds, the Pembroke corgi is the most popular.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are known to be an older species of dogs. It has a long tail which resembles the sleeves of a cardigan. It is also known as the yard-long dog. A Cardigan Corgi is very sensible and affectionate dog. It was developed in Cardiganshire; therefore, its name is Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

A Cardigan Corgi has round feet unlike the Pembroke corgi and its front feet are curved outwards. Other than that, it is slightly heavier than the Pembroke Corgi. Although both the Corgi breeds have similar coats but some Cardigan Corgis may have bridle or blue merle along with flashings of white. 

Although, a Corgi does not make a very good watch dog but a Cardigan Corgi is a better choice if one is looking for a dog for guarding purposes. It is considered to have fewer health problems as compared to the Pembroke Corgi. However, both the breeds are affected with health problems such as hip dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy. These problems are genetic health conditions and cannot be fully eliminated.

A Cardigan corgi is overall larger than the Pembroke corgi in terms of height and weight.

This cute dog species has a number of interesting characteristics that would make it an ideal pet. Some of them are listed as follows:

  1. They can adapt easily to an indoor lifestyle.

Corgi is an ideal dog for an apartment life. Usually, small dogs are not suitable for a compact apartment life. However, this cute Corgi is a calm and polite dog breed that can adapt well to the characteristics of an apartment. It is quiet and friendly.

2. They are ideal for new dog owners.

Unlike other dogs, Corgi is a fairly low maintenance breed. They can get trained easily as compared to the other breeds. New dog owners can find their best match in one of these pooches.

3. Less anxious than other breeds.

Dogs often get anxious when their owners leave them alone in the house. They become destructive. Dogs of different categories may get involved in activities such as barking, whining or excessive chewing. The corgis are not one of these. They happen to be less anxious than the other dogs and can manage some time on their own.

4. They are less sensitive to loud noises

Corgis can handle a noisy and chaotic household as compared to the other dogs. They are more tolerant to loud noises and can be more resilient to a noisy environment. If you have young kids who create a lot of chaos then a Pembroke corgi is the ideal choice for you.

5. They can easily adapt to cold climates.

Corgis can tolerate cold weathers due to their moderately thick fur coats. Other breeds that have very short coats and less body fat cannot live in cold climates. These dogs would require a jacket or a sweater, when taken on walks or even indoors. The Corgis can fairly tolerate cold weathers and thus are suitable pets for owners that prefer colder climates.

6. They are affectionate pets.

A Corgi is not only friendly to its owner but also shows affection to the entire family. Some dog breeds prefer their aloof time and do not bond with humans. However, Corgis are unlike them and shower the entire family and its owner with love and affection.

7. They have a low drooling potential.

Corgis are not drool prone dogs unlike some breeds which may wet your arm with drool. Such dogs may wet your clothes when they just want to say hello. Well no dog owner likes their dog’s slobber on their clothes. A corgi has a less drooling potential than other dogs which makes it a good choice for an owner who likes to keep things clean.

8. They are easy to groom dogs.

Corgis do not require regular bathing and grooming unlike other breeds that require regular grooming, clipping and bathing. These breeds cannot stay clean if their owner doesn’t groom them regularly. Corgis require less effort from their owners in terms of grooming.

9. They can be trained easily.

A Corgi can be easily trained as compared to the other breeds of dogs. They can easily form association between a prompt, an action and a consequence. Corgis require less time and patience for training. This makes them a preferable choice for dog owners.

10. They are known for their intelligence.

Corgi is an intelligent dog breed that requires interactive dog toys and obedience training for an effective brain workout. These dogs are suitable for agility, search and rescue.

Corgis are considered to be the best dog breed. One shall always find a fluffy ball of happiness in one of these dogs. It will become your best friend and would give you a lot of affection. They are so fluffy and fat, that one would want to cuddle them every now and then. Also, the way they walk would make you drool over them. They swing their butts left and right while walking. It seems as if they are responding to a rap music beat.

Owning a Corgi, gives you a reputation as they are not just any dogs. The fact that the Queen owns them, gives its owner a sense of class. 

Moreover, these fluff balls can act really silly at times and would make its owner laugh with adornment. They may do a funny tap dance when they want a treat and would flop around when you give them one. They show their happiness by doing so. Sometimes, they would run back and forth with their tongues sticking from their mouths as a sign of contentment.

The trademark move of these bundle of joys is to “sploot”.  Sploot is when they spread their squishy little paws out and their booties look like two wings. With having a corgi around you, you may never get depressed as they constantly remind you of the small joys of life. They are excited about everything happening around them and would remind you to live in the moment as well. 

Corgis are adorable creatures that stick by their owners all the time.